Born in the east, married in the south and in between a few years in the north, I had the oppurtunity to experience the different authentic flavours of India. The palates and flavours of Indian cuisine vary in different regions like the language and culture. According to Wikipedia indian cooking derives from a 5000-year-old timeline evolving as a result of various influences brought into the country by the various rulers and travelers.
Growing up in India, I had a vary limited exposure to cuisines from different parts on India. When I went to the north to study, I was not even familar with many of the dishes served in the hostel. I had a similar experience when I went to live in the south. During my pregnency I had this craving for “Macchha Besara” which is basically fish cooked in a mustard gravy. After describing it for about half hour my husband was still clueless about what it could be. Thats when I realized that our exposure to Indian food is limited to the region we belong to and the routine  few items we see in the Indian resturants. That’s when the quest to explore Indian food began.

This blog is a humble representation of Indian cuisine as we keep visiting each state every week starting from Kashmir. My first attempt is to cover the famous recipes from each state and later explore further into city and street-side specific food. My goal in this blog is to first introduce you to indian cuisine  and then take a deep dive into each state as I try them in my kitchen.

Hope you will join me in this journey….



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