From Home Sweet Home, ORISSA

Posted on: July 8, 2012

“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home” – John Howard Payne

I have travelled a lot inside India and probably can describe each state from first-hand experience, just the way I saw and felt about it. But when it comes to the place where I was born and raised and call home, I get weak in the knees. Pure, simple and unpretentious -like first love. Heart still skips a couple of beats whenever I listen to the tune of “Rangabati” or “Bande Utkala Janani”.  Brings back the memory of a perfect childhood and all the delicious food made by grandmother, mother and aunts.

Yes, the food – that’s what this blog is about :- ) . Oriya food is as humble as the state itself. Very few ingredients, simple preparation and leaves you content.  Though there is a vast variety of food, I would limit this blog to the food I grew up with.

Pakhala Bhata & badi chura

Absolute comfort food for a hot afternoon that promises a peaceful nap  right after. A must in my household everyday during  Summer vacation. This is nothing but a fermented rice (or alternatively yogurt mixed with rice) accompanied with Saaga (greens) , Machho Bhaja (Fish fry) and Badi Churra (spicy crushed badi)

Badi Churra is a simple and delicious side food made with fried( In mustard oil)  & crushed Badis (you will get in Indian store) and mixed crushed green chillis, chooped onions, chooped cilantros, chopped tomatoes and salt.

pakhala - palatesofindia

Mansa Kasha

Mansa kasha is one of the most famous nonveg  food . It is a dry mutton (goat meat) dish made with Indian spices and eaten with rice or bread.


Lentil -but not your usual Indian daal. It is cooked with vegetables (But not Sambar either   ) and flavored with dry roasted cumin seeds. Mostly served with fried bread (Paranthas).


Machha Besara

Fish prepared in a gravy of mustard paste and yogurt(or tomatoes). The bitterness from the mustard paste and the sourness from the yogurt gives it a very unique taste  and balancing these two flavors distinguishes a perfect  cook :-). Serve hot over white rice.

Besara- palatesofindia

Amba Khata

Raw mangoes cooked with sugar, spices and salt. A sweet and sour delicacy often served as a side dish with rice.

Amba Khatta – palatesofinida

Kakara pitha

Kakara pitha is a sweetmeat must for any festivals or special occasions. There are many varieties of it but the one favorite in my household is made up of coconut and wheat flour.



Please follow this link for recipe


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