From the “Land of the kings” – Rajasthan

Posted on: August 25, 2011

“Exotic” seems like an understatement when you refer to this wonderful, colorful land. Sand dunes, lush forests, mountains and grand forts & palaces; no wonder this is the most popular travel destination in India. But alas, this is not a travel blog. But this is also a place where cooking is considered an art form and cuisine has given a distinct identity to the region. Rajasthani cuisine has evolved under the influence of factors like lack of water, lack of green vegetables etc.
If you are writing a blog about Rajasthani food, it is just outrageous to start with anything but dal-baati. So without further ado ->



Baati is a hard, unleavened bread cooked in desert area of Rajasthan. It is particularly popular because of the long shelf life, nutritional value and it needed very less water to prepare. It is said that during the war time when long lasting food was a requirement; the only solution was to bake dough of wheat in bulk. This baked dough was later named as Baati. Since then it has travelled for deserts to regular households to the upscale restaurants in India. Baati is always eaten with dal (lentils) and ghee (clarified butter). Add Churma to the plate and you get a heavenly wholesome meal.



Churma is a Rajasthani delicacy usually serverd with dal-baati. It is made with coarsely ground baatis mixed with ghee clarified butter), jaggery/suger and dry fruits.

Pithode Cake:

Pithode Cake


Pithode ia another popular dish from Rajasthan. You mix chick-pea flour (besan) with various spices and make paste with water. You cook this mixture in low flame. Once cooked, the mixture is poured in a plate and speeded evenly and cut into pieces. These pieces/cakes can be either deep fried or shallow fried.
Laal-Maas (Red meat curry)

Laal maas


This is a royal traditional non-vegetarian dish very popular in Rajasthan. Lamb cooked in a very rich bright red gravy – this dish can be as hot as you want. Remember the bright red color comes from the red chilies.

Please follow this link for recipe


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